ƙꪖకꪉꫀꫀꪶ: Empower Latin Women

According to the Book of Enoch, the fallen angel by the name of Kasbeel rebelled against God after witnessing his self crowning. The non - binary angel was the guardian of Beka, the secret oath with a numerical value of 22.  After the oath was revealed, Kasbeel was ousted from the heavens. Judged as an outcast for all eternity.

On Jul 22, 2021, the artist by the name “Kasbeel” released her song and video “Yo Soy Dios” (I Am God), a powerful manifesto about the birth of a new being, immune to bullying, that uses creative energy to defeat adverse circumstances. Today, her inspiring video is available to watch and own as an NFT on Glass.

An Anthem for the Youth

Kasbeel sprouts out of one of the roughest/toughest places in Latin America, Buenaventura - Colombia.

I’ve been influenced by my city and everything that happens around me in a positive way, because cruel and strong experiences are important for me to live and express those experiences through art and music.

With all odds against her, she has used the tools available and developed herself to be a promising young artist with the potential to become a global talent brand. Her massive organic social media following tells the story of a growing market and reach.

When I was a little girl, I wrote stories not songs. That's the way I used to see myself or see my writing, as more of a storyteller than a songwriter. I started posting on my social media a year and a half ago, and the way people started receiving my music content was really remarkable.

Kasbeel truly represents the opportunity taken by the savvy, to take destiny into their own hands and build a future through art and education. She is changing the narrative for young Latin women, showing them creativity pays, big time.

Initially, “Yo Soy Dios” is a song that I personally wanted to be an expression against bullying. I found myself in situations in which people have bullied me because of my skin color, or what they assume are my sexual preferences.

And I wrote this song as a form of expression for myself and hopefully for other people, understanding that personal acceptance is very important, but it is a very hard process for each person to go through.

It's a song about empowerment and believing in yourself


Changing the Music Industry with Web3

Kasbeel” is a spearhead art project of Web3, strategically in place to use its rails to accelerate a successful human process based on equality of opportunity, creativity, decentralization and ownership. Its multi-platform nature will serve the transition between the old industry and the new economy. Her artworks are birthed inside the timeline when Web3 is about to massively deploy its theories to the real world. As ideas come to life, what comes from the ether is now being valued with a different scale.

This epoch presents the opportunity to plant and water seeds that will eventually break the domination of the traditional music business, and change the revenue paradigms, circumventing the models used today. It will give artists the possibility to opt into new business models that will help music evolve back to being a valuable artform, empowering artists to create, monetize and own.

Leveraged opportunities based on ideas will require forward thinking vision not only in artistic ways but also, monetary, technological, social and legal. New social agreements in terms of rights, administration, governance will run smoother in blockchain based tech if they are born and developed inside the ecosystem.

As cryptoeconomics evolve, artists will be able to transform their realities and their communities as global fans build with them and around them. The modern artist is now connected to a network of real opportunity. They can participate in technological development, securitize their royalties, value their IP, empower themselves and monetize the community. No music industry gatekeeping will be required in the future.

There has been a lot of talk about how decentralized networks are not as decentralized in terms of the people they inspire when it comes to representing the diversity in the real world. This music video shows the genesis of global relationships sparked by Web3. Kasbeel shows the power of feeding networks to form communities that work together to improve their financial wellbeing from their passion and creativity.

If you believe in the mission of changing the narrative of the music industry and supporting independent artists, follow Kasbeel on her socials and drop a bid on her auction - live now!

Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@kasbeelll

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KASBEELL/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kasbeelll

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