The First Film: Cabourg

Last week, the community asked if an NFT platform would ever support videos over 2 minutes.

Today, we respond with the first 20 minute film…

  • The first film uploaded to the Permaweb*
  • The first film monetized with Solana*
  • The first long-form video on Glass
  • The first production by Dito

Watch Cabourg on Glass 👇

This is a classic story of an artist and his entourage which includes the manager, DJ, and videographer. The group goes to a Normandy villa to celebrate the end of their European tour. However, the celebration takes an ominous turn under the eyes of the property’s caretaker.

The team had a $2000 budget for the film. Let’s help fund their next work. Leave a tip if you like the film!

…or just watch it here on Mirror 😏

About The Film

Cabourg was shot over the Summer of 2019 between six friends from New York with a passion for creative storytelling. Produced, co-Directed, and written by Orlando also known as ‘Dito’. It was his first film. Cabourg ended up winning the Audience Choice Award at the Hip Hop Film Fest.

Cabourg Movie Poster
Cabourg Movie Poster

Director Interview


* First Arweave & Solana film to our knowledge.

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